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The Call

The Call

The Call, the dreaded call.   

Instantly, the rug is pulled out beneath her and her loved ones, and now, somehow she must pull herself up, and show up for the fight of her life.  The Call is designed to help her do just that. It’s the gift she would love, soon after “the call”.  It includes beautiful items that will remind her to take a breath, calm her mind, as well as prepare for The Road Ahead.


Pour Les Femme: Indian Cotton Gauze Robe

Megan Portfolio Clutch

AG Candle Small Jar W Cloche - White Gardenia 

Little Berry Hibiscus Tin & Spoon - Organic, Fair Herbal Tea

Notes Jotter 

Weekly Pill Organizer 

Flower Sage

The Girls Notebook

Planner Desk Pad With Colored Edge

Unimug Wine

Match Box: I hope it's the final season of this shit show

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