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Meet our founder, Kerry Coyle

I feel so honored you have chosen to meet me here.

The Curative's mission is deeply rooted in compassion and understanding. Founded by Kerry, a breast cancer survivor, our journey began with a personal experience that ignited a passion to revolutionize the way we support women facing medical challenges.

  • Purposeful

    Each and every one of the products are intentionally selected with YOU in mind and carefully considered how they would work with each other.

  • Intentional

    These gifts are meant to be intentional, they’re meant to comfort, inspire, encourage, and celebrate whoever is fortunate to receive them.

  • Gifting

    A love language. When "I love you" doesn't seem enough. Give her beautiful gifts she needs and wants.

Our Story

Welcome to The Curative, where every gift tells a story of compassion, empowerment, and resilience. I'm Kerry, the founder of The Curative, and I feel deeply honored that you've chosen to connect with us here.

The Curative isn't just a business for me—it's a sanctuary of solace and support, not only for you but also for those you cherish and treasure. Each item in our curated collections has been chosen intentionally with you in mind, with careful consideration of how they can bring comfort, inspiration, encouragement, and celebration to whoever receives them. That's the Purposeful part of what we do—our gifts are intentional and meant to make a meaningful impact in your life.

Why did I choose to make this type of gifting my passion? Let me share the short story with you.

In 2020, my life took an unexpected turn when I discovered a lump in my left breast. The dreaded call from my doctor confirmed my worst fears—it was breast cancer. Suddenly, I found myself grappling with fear, powerlessness, and a sense of being completely out of control. Despite the reassuring words from friends that I would emerge from this experience stronger, I couldn't bring myself to believe them.

As I embarked on the journey of treating my Stage 3 breast cancer—through surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and hormone therapy—I encountered moments of profound physical and emotional challenges. My body felt distorted, my spirits were low, and my anxiety was overwhelming. But amidst the darkness, I was surrounded by an incredible Tribe—my family, friends, and loved ones—who showed up for me in ways I could never have imagined. Their unwavering support became my lifeline, and I began to find a sense of control and power within myself.

It was during this transformative period that the idea for The Curative was born. I wanted to create a space where others facing medical challenges could experience the same level of care and compassion that I received. After 20 years as a social worker in healthcare leadership, I took a leap of faith to pivot and pursue my passion for empowering others through thoughtful gifting.

When you unbox a gift from The Curative, my hope is that you feel the same sense of empowerment, encouragement, and celebration that I experienced on my journey to healing. Each item has been carefully curated to provide a moment of luxury, comfort, and care—a reminder that you are valued, supported, and cherished.

As I continue on my own path of healing alongside my beautiful daughters, Lily and Margaret, and my partner John, I am filled with love and profound respect for you and your caregivers. Thank you for being a part of The Curative community.

With heartfelt gratitude,