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Spill the Tea

Spill the Tea

It’s not at all uncommon for patients to withdraw from social life as their treatment begins. After all, it’s difficult to feel like socializing when you’re barely feeling human.

But that’s exactly why our Spill the Tea gift box is so necessary. It helps push open the door to plan a get-together, so you can remind them why you are — and have always been — there for each other. Spill the Tea is an invitation to reconnect for the most important tea date of their life, and an essential step along the road to recovery.



Powder Designs: Orchid Kimono

AG Candle with Cloche: Geranium

Two's Company: Faux Bamboo Tic Tac Toe

Tea Cup: Shs's Whiskey in a Tea Cup

Tea Cup: Bitches be Sippin'

JusTea: Purple Jasmine Tea

Savannah Bee Company: Honey Straws

MatchDaddy: I may not be the smartest...




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