The Call


When the doctor’s office calls and says the words, “you have…”. Time stops and life has immediately turned upside down. Keep yourself organized with your Megan Portfolio. You can store medical disks and records along with other essential items in there. Take notes with your Girls notebook. Get cozy and relax with your new pj’s, light the chickadee candle and create the perfect stress-free experience while you sip your Whole Harmony Tea. Sweeten the deal with the Savanah Bee Company Honey Straw. Pro tip- toss a few in your bag in case you need a little pick me up. The ice globes take away any puffiness and you can always try to sage and set your intention.

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Pretty You London PJ’s

Lookin’ cute going to bed is almost as good as waking up feeling refreshed. P.S. we love covered buttons.

The Megan Portfolio

Use this portfolio to keep yourself organized for your appointments! This is the perfect place to store your medical records, laptop and notebook.

The Girls Notebook

The girls come in all the shapes and sizes! Toss your notebook in your portfolio and take a note.


Put on your Blisslet acupuncture bracelet to help relieve you from nausea, headaches or anxiety.

Pour Vida Safe Torch

Set your intentions and clear the air with the sage torch.

You are striking matches

Sometimes, we need a reminder. Strike your match, light your candle and sit back and relax.

Pivotal Ice Globes

Freeze ’em, wash your face, apply serum and rub away puffiness and inflamation. Ahhh… Feels so good

Chickidee Candle & Holder

Take a moment. Light a candle. Breathe.

Whole Harmony Tea

Heart and Soul Tea- Loaded with antioxidants, this tea is all about matters of the heart- physical, emotional & spiritual. Good Riddance Tea- This tea helps your body get rid of toxins.

Savannah Bee Company Honey Straws

Enjoy the natural energy booster without the refined sugar. Use in your tea or drop in your purse

Whole Harmony Tea Ball

Never kettle for second best. Enjoy your Heart and Soul Tea and sweeten it up with honey.

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