Tea for Two


It’s been a journey…. From “The Call to it all”. So when you’re ready, invite that person of yours over to catch up. No need to leave the house. Wrap on the luxurious kimono and feel beautiful, light a candle to create a mood, get cozy with the travel scarf. Most importantly brew some organic Whole Harmony Tea, sweeten it with some Savannah Bee Honey Sticks using cheeky tea cups and saucers and connect….because girl, you are THE whiskey in the teacup.


Products In The Box


Slip into the cozy Kimono with ease! Wear it to lounge around or as your new favorite robe. Compliments coming

Zestt Travel Wrap

This travel scarf is the perfect accessory to keep you in style and keeps you warm.

Bitches be Sippin’ Tea cup & saucer.

because sometimes a pretty lady just needs a whiskey in a pretty cup.

Shes Whiskey Teacup & saucer

because sometimes a pretty lady just needs a whiskey in a pretty cup.

Whole Harmony Tea

Heart and Soul Tea- Loaded with antioxidants, this tea is all about matters of the heart- physical, emotional & spiritual. Good Riddance Tea- This tea helps your body get rid of toxins.

Tea Ball

Never kettle for second best. Enjoy your Heart and Soul Tea and sweeten it up with honey.

Honey Sticks

Enjoy the natural energy booster without the refined sugar. Use in your tea or drop in your purse

Chickidee Candle

Light up the night with the sweet smells of the Candle.

Girl you are striking matches

Sometimes, we need a reminder. Strike your match, light your candle and sit back and relax.