• Boob Notebook • Public Goods Deodorant • Public Goods toothpaste • Coco lime candle • Loha eyebrow pen • Spiked Black water bottle 500 ml • In the buff scrub 


Products In The Box

In the Buff scrub

Do you ever shower and realize you don't have the product you want. You debate on grabbing a towel and jumping back in…. Well, no debate here. It’s worth the get.

Spiked Black water bottle 500 ml

This bottle looks as tough as you are.

The Girls Notebook

The girls come in all the shapes and sizes! Toss your notebook in your portfolio and take a note.

Skin Trip Lotion

This is a cult classic. A lightweight body lotion that absorbs quickly into the skin and smells like a vacation.

Loha Eyebrow Pen

Don’t stress about losing brows when you have your Loha MicroBrow Tattoo Pen

Public Goods Toothpaste

Don’t forget to keep your pearly whites free from nasty hormone disrupters with this nontoxic toothpaste.

Coconut Lime candle

This non toxic, natural coconut wax candle is so nice and fresh and burns clean for approximately 20 hours.

Public Goods Deodorant

Keep those pits smelling fresh and clean with this no junk added deodorant.

BKR Silicon water bottle straws

Water seems to go down much easier with this straw!