Sweet Dreams


Pivotal Globes • Under The Sun “Get Deep”Conditioner • Spiked BK juniper Water Bottle 500ml • Poppy and Pout Sweet Mint Lip Balm • Yuni Sport Recovery Roll On • Gold and Honey Blue Diamond Earrings • Vital Proteins Collagen • Priv Navy Pjs



Products In The Box

Priv PJ’s

After you light your candles, slip into these 100% bamboo PJ’s. Good for the planet, great for you. (xs, s, m, l, xl, 2xl)

Pivotal Ice Globes

Freeze ’em, wash your face, apply serum and rub away puffiness and inflamation. Ahhh… Feels so good

Under the Sun “Let's Get Deep”

This leave-in conditioner not only protects your hair from sun, salt, heat, and humidity but is also a styler!

Spiked Juniper water bottle 500ml

This bottle looks as tough as you are.

Yuni Arnica Gel

Oy, so sore, Arnica is known for its healing properties, from a bruise to sore muscles…. Roll on….

Gold and Honey Earrings Blue Diamond cut

“Bamboo earrings, at least two pairs…I love it when a woman ain’t scared to do her own thing” . LL Cool J. The lucite beauties are lightweight

Poppy & Pout - Sweet Mint

Pucker up and keep your pretty pout soft and hydrated every day with Poppy and Pout Lip balm

Hydrate Packs

Slice ‘er open and get balanced with some extra electrolytes