Stress Free


• Babe Wipes • Take Care Pillow Spray • Public Goods toothpaste • Public Goods Deodorant • Blisslets • Tooth Brush • Spiked Juniper 500ml Water Bottle • Frost Straw Cap (for water bottle) • Frost Straw (for water bottle) 


Products In The Box

Lavender spiked water bottle 500ml

This bottle looks as tough as you are.


Put on your Blisslet acupuncture bracelet to help relieve you from nausea, headaches or anxiety.

Take Care Pillow Spray

Couple squirts of this pillow spray and sweet dreams are on the way.

Babe wipes

Hey babe. Keep these in your bad and freshen up before your appointments!

Public Goods Toothpaste

Don’t forget to keep your pearly whites free from nasty hormone disrupters with this nontoxic toothpaste.

Public good Tooth Brush

Speak the truth with your bamboo Truthbrush.

Public Goods Deodorant

Keep those pits smelling fresh and clean with this no junk added deodorant.

BKR Silicon water bottle straws

Water seems to go down much easier with this straw!