“Rest” they say…sometimes it’s harder than others. Let’s seduce you into it. After a relaxing shower, moisturize with the shine body oil. Take your time, let it soak in. Put your PJs on then clear the air with the lavender and sage bundle. Light a Chickadee Candle with you are Everything Good extra-long matches When it’s bedtime, spray your pillows with your Take Care lavender and eucalyptus pillow spray but don’t forget to fill up your Bedside Water Carafe, because no one likes to get out of bed for water at night and water is good for you.


Products In The Box

Priv PJ’s

After you light your candles, slip into these 100% bamboo PJ’s. Good for the planet, great for you. (xs, s, m, l, xl, 2xl)

Bedside Carafe

Fill ‘er up and keep by your bed because water is good for you and no one likes to get out of bed for water.


Use this body oil after the shower when you can soak in all the goodness.

Take Care Pillow Spray

Couple squirts of this pillow spray and sweet dreams are on the way.

Lavender and Sage Bundle

Clear out all your bad energy with this beautiful bundle.

You Are Everything Good matches

You can sure light a few candles with these extra long matches.

Chickadee Candle

Take a moment. Light a candle. Breathe.