Feelin’ Pretty


You deserve to feel pretty and striking. Just in case you forget, the You are Striking matches and Chickadee candle can remind you. Light it up. Grab your pretty Kimono, add a couple of drops of the Irresistible Glow by Skin and Senses to your décolleté. It’s a sun kissed glow look. This Spiritual Polish is free of the 13 biggie toxins and it’s always a good idea to have a fresh classic red polish in the house. When you are ready for a fresh start, grab a hold of your Context polish remover and make up remover. How about the adorable queen bee pill holder since you are the queen bee! The eyebrow pencil is perfect for shaping and filling those brows. This sounds like a great movie or girlfriends’ night. How’s Saturday?


Products In The Box


Slip into the cozy Kimono with ease! Wear it to lounge around or as your new favorite robe. Compliments coming

Irresistible Glow

A subtle shimmer never looked so good. Add a few drops on your décolletage and shoulders and you may look like you were kissed by the sun

Wellness Warrior

You can’t go wrong with this “13 free” polish in the nail and cuticle oil.

Taylor Made Polish Remover

When it’s time to freshen up your nails, grab the remover.

Pour Vida Safe Torch

Set your intentions and clear the air with the sage torch.

Make Up Remover

You are a natural beauty. Wipe the day away with the organic makeup remover.

Loha Eyebrow Pen

Don’t stress about losing brows when you have your Loha MicroBrow Tattoo Pen

Girl, you are striking matches.

Sometimes, we need a reminder. Strike your match, light your candle and sit back and relax.

Queen Bee Pill Container

Never leave your pills behind with this adorable queen bee pill container.

Public Goods Toothpaste

Don’t forget to keep your pearly whites free from nasty hormone disrupters with this nontoxic toothpaste.

Public Good tooth brush

Speak the truth with your bamboo Truthbrush.

Skin Trip Lotion

This is a cult classic. A lightweight body lotion that absorbs quickly into the skin and smells like a vacation.

Cuti-cocktail Nail Oil

Cocktail Vegan Nail and Cuticle Oil- Did someone say cocktail? Sit back and relax as you nourish your nails