Meet Our Founder,
Kerry Coyle.

Hello and Welcome!

I feel so honored that you’ve chosen to meet me here.

The Curative is as much of a respite and rescue for me as I imagine it will be for you, and those you love and treasure. I chose each and every one of these items intentionally with YOU on my mind and carefully considered how they would work with each other. That’s the Purposeful part. These gifts are meant to be Intentional, they’re meant to comfort, inspire, encourage, and celebrate whoever is fortunate to receive them. Those that know me, know if I could deliver them personally, I would. Why did I choose to make this type of Gifting my passion?

I’ll give you the short story…

In 2020, I found a lump in my left breast. Then I got “the call.” My doctor called and said “it’s breast cancer.” I immediately pictured what I thought life was going to be. I had never been so full of fear, powerless, and out of control. Friends would say, “You will come out of this better than when you started.” I did not believe them.

When I told my young daughters that I had cancer, they too were worried that cancer would be “on my head.” This brought an uncomfortable flashback of losing mother to melanoma when she was 44 and I was 5. Armed with few memories of my mom, one of the most significant was seeing her once without her wig and it really scared the heck out of me.

As we began to treat my Stage 3 invasive and non-invasive ER/PR+ Her2 negative breast cancer with a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation along with hormone therapy. I had moments when I felt my body was completely distorted and was anything but a woman. My eyebrows were falling out, my body ached, my eyes were swollen from crying, my new boyfriend put maxi pads on my head during cold capping to prevent burns, my bones hurt, my radiationed skin was broken and dry, and my anxiety was off the charts. I was either starving or not hungry, nails were chipped, dehydrated, gained weight, and not to mention chemo brain “had me at hello”.

The Tribe… Not trying to brag here, but I sure am lucky. My family and friends wanted to help. They showed up like I had never imagined. I was and still am, super grateful for every call, stop by, meal, rides to medical visits, laughs, my chemo bag, my medical binder, Netflix, and the ability to focus primarily on my health. I made it my job to make better choices every single day. I researched every website, asked all my doctors, including integrative medicine, gynecologist, oncologist, new “cancer sister” friends, and anyone to help find the miracle cures for any symptom I had. I began to feel in control and powerful. I started to believe people when they said, “You will come out of this better than when you started.”

It was from there that The Curative was born. I wanted to give the gift of a beautiful fabric to sleep in, a clean face, brushed teeth, a calming candle or fancy water bottle. I wanted to fill others with the luxury of being cared for in a very unique and special way with products that were truly special. After 20 years as a social worker in healthcare leadership, I took a risk to pivot. When someone unboxes The Curative, I truly hope they will find some thoughtful gifts that will empower, encourage, inspire, comfort and celebrate the incredible human that they are. After crossing the bridge of healing through the war that is cancer, I’m revived and relieved that I get to live another healthy day alongside my beautiful daughters, Lily and Margaret, and my partner John. This and everything I do is for them.

With love and profound respect for you,

The Curative

cur·a·tive: a medicine or remedy

When you unbox The Curative, we hope you will find some remedies that will make you smile. We carefully source products that are good for the soul, the mind and the spirit.”
Founder – Kerry Cole